Victor Pride of Bold and Determined Defines MAN Every Moment & Writes About It, That Saves Lives. Social Issues? Victor Pride has the Answers “The secret is making yourself talk to people even when you feel uncomfortable.”

Victor Pride of Bold and Determined, has described the mindset of my closest friends.  It is the ultimate post (scroll on that page to “About: Bum Mentality, Money… Heart and Soul”

If you’re on Facebook today, please lose it for a few minutes, put in the time to understand these words.

Further, Victor Pride has written the most important 25 pages ever printed into an ebook. Women crave the book because Victor explains to men why they must cut out porn and masturbation. Hint: Both lower testosterone. That means he’s less of a man. But remember, this book is for men only.

Purchasing this ebook was one of the most important things I’ve done in my life.

To build my body to host the show prior to the hit and run accident,

I was following Body of A Spartan. program.

The Art and Poetry of Victor PrideI can’t drive, for now, due to the injuries, so I choose @Uber. The man that put the @Uber deal together, Mike Walsh, is a friend that thinks a lot like Victor Pride.

Both great men are like the father figure that most males on earth today never had. Further, they are completely authentic, sincere and they’ve an obsession with doing what brings positive changes in the course of world events.

One last thing, show Victor Pride some love. He feels loved, but he doesn’t ask his readers to join him on social networks. However, you know a lot of males that are introverted or lack a certain confidence about them. Have them learn from Victor Pride. It’s the best gift you can give any man, and it’s free.

His work built my body strong, prepped me for the show. The injuries halted production of the show. But, the strength built because of his book Body of A Spartan was a big help when the hit and run accident caused the bleeds in my brain which caused multiple strokes. I learned to walk and talk again in record time. Sure, there’s a long road ahead, but it’s friends like Victor Pride and Mike Walsh that have been the examples and encouraged me every step.

Follow Victor Pride on Twitter, and retweet him often. Every phrase he writes is a quote to live by. He’s THAT wise.

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Inpatient Care for Stroke Brain Injury Hypoxic Anoxic Brain Injury, You Must Know About This Place That’s Saved My Life

He believe there is a way for his wife to recover from brain injury from a lack of oxygen. My answer:

There is. You happen to live near one of only TWO inpatient programs in the world that can cause complete recovery from this. I’ve been a patient in this program 24/7 for more than six months. Other patients had similar hypoxic-anoxic injuries, and they, too have been restoring normal mobility, speech etc (like I am doing) before my eyes. 

Kevin Hart: A Turning Point

I was aware of the amount of work necessary to stay alive and recover from the effects of traumatic brain injury/stroke and the debilitating losses of normal mobility, speech and the list of other functions.

Then things happened. There was the Kevin Hart Turning Point. Everyone was talking about his comedy, but I saw the discipline, the work, the drive, the sacrifices of this kind man… and it’s led him through mastery of talent and skill… to this place.

What kind of ‘take the bull by the horns’ am I talking about that’s inspired me when I knew I wasn’t going to let this state be permanent. Well, I’ll let Victor Pride elaborate.

Not enough? Well let Mike from Danger & Play tell you a bit more about that VISION. He quoted Kevin Wall: “People look at (wireless phone) 35 to 50 times a day to consume media content.”


The Moment

It was less than a moment. It happened in a second. It changed the picture of it all. Now the clarity begins.

After traumatic brain injury, a lot of amazing people have reached out, and I have gratitude that will last forever.

This resource developed some habits in me that you shouldn’t miss. You should get your copy now. 

Wanna influence the world, learn how people are kept famous… learn how concepts are kept famous. It’s simple. If you’re serious about this knowledge, ask me.

And when you’re in a major U S city,  use Uber to get around town. Right now they’re giving away rides for signing up.

THIS is AMAZING… from 1993


Victor talks about that pill from Limitless.

Are ‘Nice Guys’ Really ‘Nice’? Nice Guy Syndrome

Victor Pride has written about this prior to the UCSB stories:

“Average people think selfishness is a vice. Rich people think selfishness is a virtue.

Everyone is selfish, but there are two types of selfishness: overt selfishness and covert selfishness. You want to be OVERTLY selfish. Covert selfishness is for chicken shits. When you come right out and say “I want it my way and I’ll have it my way” you will get what you want. When you play the covertly selfish guy, also known as nice guy syndrome, you are only going to get shit on. Nice guys aren’t nice guys, they’re chicken shits. They want the same thing overtly selfish guys want, money and women, but they’re too scared to come right out and demand it so they play nice and hope they’ll be able to manipulate that outcome. But it won’t happen, it’ll never happen. You want it? Take it. You want to eat shit? Play the nice guy game.”~Victor Pride

More from Rollo Tomassi on “The Real Nice”

“I’m not interested in making men be better men, I’m interested in men making themselves better Men.” ~Rollo Tomassi

“Familiarity is anti-seductive (to a woman)… Nothing kills Game, organic passion and libido like comfortable familiarity.”~Rollo Tomassi

@RationalMale (twitter) and The Rational Male (website)

BE BOLD AND DETERMINED (go here, and search redefining)

~Sam Botta

Don’t save signing up for the free @Uber app for a special occasion either. UberX is economical, fast and always nice with an interesting driver. At the time of this post, Uber is giving away @20 rides!  promo code and get $20 off your first ride!

Rollo Tomassi states: 

“What if these pathetic losers could become ‘authentic’ Men by learning how women actually relate to them on every level; from sociological to psychological, from evolutionary perspectives to the underlying biology that motivates women’s behaviors not only sexually, but emotionally, pragmatically and sympathetically? Would they still be pathetic losers?”~Rollo Tomassi

Ahhh… but a man involved in self improvement, in today’s world, is considered to be ‘selfish’ and inauthentic. It doesn’t matter if he is learning what improves the lives of men, women and children… if a man spends money, time or other resources to gain understanding of truth, no matter how it brings positive changes in the course of human events, he is in the ‘not being himself’ category. That is of course considered evil according to every popular source.

Overtly Selfish: Good, Covertly Selfish: Evil … Professor Michael Kimmel Advocates Covert Selfishness. Sadly, it’s inauthentic to be so



Purgatory by The Rational Male, Rollo Tomassi Ask Men Dear Abby How do I get out of the friendzone

Sex in Marriage

@RationalMale (twitter) and The Rational Male (website)

BE BOLD AND DETERMINED (go here, and search redefining)




Attacks from funded sources:

Steven Pressfield Understands Stroke, Aneurysm and Brain Injury Survivors. In the movie based on his book, this is beautiful.

BE BOLD AND DETERMINED (go here, and search redefining)

Don’t save signing up for the free @Uber app for a special occasion either. UberX is economical, fast and always nice with an interesting driver. At the time of this post, Uber is giving away @20 rides!  promo code and get $20 off your first ride!

Every Day… amazing things happening